・Mining of subterranean resources, technical guidance (2009)
For the mining works, as well as the employment of local residents and the technical guidance to them, we support infrastructure development to secure convenient access to the site, giving primacy to the contribution to local community first.
・Set up of solar panel, technical guidance (February, 2011)
We have installed free of charge an electricity storage systems and solar power street light at Pediatorcope, in the Dangme East District of Ghana. We have successfully provided power for the local health facilities and other communities, using independent solar generator.

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- Donate golf clubs for the Republic of Ghana
In September 2010, GJK proposed to Honma Golf Co.,Ltd that Honma Golf donates golf clubs for supporting of the promotion of Ghanaian golf athletes.

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Sierra Leone
・Set up of solar panel, technical guidance (February, 2011)
Around the same time as in Ghana, we has also set up without charge a solar panel in a hospital in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone. We give first priority to the quality of product : Manufactured in Japan, simple, tough and require little maintenance. Our interest is to encourage the community people maintain the product autonomously.

・Honma Golf Green Action Project (January, 2012)
"Green Action" is an activity to contribute to the conservation of natural environment. A part of golf clubs sale proceeds is donated to the Republic of Guinea, as tree planting funds. GJK worked on this project and held the "green activity" ceremonial.

・Sponsorship for Africa Golf Cup (June, 2013)
In June 2013, H.E. Ambassador Benson H.O. Ogutu organized the first Africa Golf Cup, as the Chairman of Africa Diplomatic Golf Committee. GJK has greatly contribute to the promotion of the event by mobilizing a large turnout, as a sponsor company.
・Sponsorship for the Kenya-Japan golden jubilee (December, 2013)
On 12th December 2013, the Embassy of Kenya in Japan celebrated the Kenya's Golden Jubilee and 50th Anniversary of the Japan-Kenya Diplomatic Relations. As a partnership corporate, GJK has sponsored this laudable event.

・Supporting AWAAJ events
The Association of Wives of African Ambassadors in Japan (AWAAJ) organizes several activities throughout the year, principally charity fundraising events. We are always pleased to offer our assistance leading up to the event, by also joining in it among our partners.
・Supporting "African Festival Yokohama" event
In 2014, we mark the 7th anniversary of The African Festival Yokohama. The attractions not to miss are traditional cultural drumming and dancing on stage, delicious African cuisine in the food court, and many more. In the earliest years, we have supported the Embassy of Guinea to run a booth, and we could feel the growing interest to African countries in Japan.
・Consulting exportation of Japanese car & construction machinery
Receiving order of reconditioned auto parts, tires and excavator, we have handled the exportation work to the Republic of Ghana. To the Republic of Guinea, we have exported two heavy-duty fire-extinguishing vehicle & one Toyota Hi-Ace donated by Watanabe Jyuken Co.,Ltd.
・Supporting exportation of second hand clothes
The National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations of Kamiira and the people in the area have kindly donated sporting goods, old clothes and stationary to the Republic of Guinea. GJK could participate in this volunteer activities by assuming the role of exporter.

・Consulting dam dredging operation (August, 2009)
Over sedimentation problems with Taiwanese dams, GJK had technical association with company in Taiwan. We have assembled a technical project team to handle turbid water treatment, dam dredging, sediment transportation, etc.
・Consulting power plant construction (February, 2012)
After bidding for dredging work of both Taiwan Linkou power plant and Kaohsiung Yongan terminal, we have allocated a dredging boat suitable for local environment, and provided specific dredging method.

・Consulting of production and distribution of Dragon fruits (December, 2013)
GJK is engaged on a collaborative project with a fruit processing company located in Vietnam handling fresh Vietnamese fruits, by providing sales management support, with the aim of developing new overseas market.
・Supporting start-up and construction of resort hotel
As a real estate development company launched a construction project of new resort hotel in Vietnam, GJK is performing the consulting function by managing the building process.

・Supporting Honma Golf "Persimmon Cup"
"Honma Persimmon Cup" held every year, is one of the largest national park golf tournament in Japan. As a partnership corporate, GJK has been sponsoring and supporting the event by setting up the event site.


・Support of the construction of Ramula Primary school in Siaya County in the Western Kenya
- The first Charity Golf Tournament was held
GJK held the first Charity Golf Tournament on the 21st October 2014 at the Kanetsu Highland Golf Club which aimed for the support of the construction of Ramula Primary school in Siaya County in the Western Kenya.
The tournament was sponsored by HONMA GOLF CO.,LTD. and it was successfully finished with the cooperation of the Embassy of Kenya and other supporting companies.
The participants were H.E. Ambassador Benson H.O. Ogutu and many other representatives of other companies.

Djibouti ・Instalment of electrical equipment