GJK International's mission

"GJK" stands for "Groupe Japonais de Kakehashi (Japanese group of Kakehashi)" in Japanese and
French languages. "Kakehashi" which has the meaning of "mediator (go-between)" shows our mission to be the mediator of Japan and many other countries.
Our company has met Africa through an encounter with AWAAJ, the Association of Wives of African Ambassadors in Japan. Starting with support for Ambassadors and their family in every aspect of life, we have developed personal and professional relationships with each other. This has led to support and cooperation in organizing domestics events related to Africa, at the same time to deeper trusting relationship. With regard to overseas activities, by frequenting deprived regions suffering from a lack of infrastructure development such as Ghana, Guinea and Sierra Leone, we have made steady business activities, for one thing the set up of solar system in village with no electricity. Making our unique network and wealth of experience into a strength, with a spirit of service, we join local people's wishing for Japanese technology and, Japanese companies seeking for commercial opportunity in developing countries. "Joy to Africa", that is what we want to achieve in our company.